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Preparing for a release

There are two types of releases: a beta build and a stable release. Both release procedures are similar; most of the steps below apply. Steps which do not will be indicated.

At the Code

  1. Up the build count
    • For v5: Version.h
    • For v6: Version.*.in in the root of the project directory. Only edit the release number. Build numbers are automatically handled by subwcrev.exe
  2. Update the README file (v5 only)
    • This will be shown to the user during the Inno installer's introductory page
    • The Readme file should have these updated
      • Line 7: the version.
      • Lines 9 onwards: the latest changes. Use svn log to find out.
  3. Commit and changes and tag the builds in SVN so we can go back to it in future (e.g. crash dumps)
  4. Index the PDBs for the Source Server, then use symtool to add the PDBs into the Eraser Symbol Server.

Build the installer

  1. The installers are built using Inno (v5) and WiX (v6)
    • For v5: Use build/Eraser.iss
      • Ensure that the binaries inside the installer are signed before packaging them.
      • Also sign the installer after it as been built.
    • For v6: The signing process is handled by the build process in VS.

Web publish

  1. This is where betas and stables really differ.
    • For betas, upload to the Eraser Web area. Then, update the Eraser database to reflect the release.
    • For stables, upload to the SourceForge? File release system ad remove the old version.
  2. Announce in the forum.
    • Always include file hashes. Recommended list:
      • MD5
      • SHA-1
      • SHA-256
  3. Migrate all open tickets to the next version milestone. Also create a new version in Trac for tickets.