Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on 6/10/2009 11:39:14 AM

Installing Eraser Betas

Betas are releases of Eraser which are not production-quality in a few possible ways:

  • Not having its security verified, either internally or externally
  • Code which are untested
  • Potential issues which may have not yet surfaced, precisely the reason for betas.

Nonetheless, they are a good source of fixes for problems you may face with stable versions and previews into new features which the next minor of Eraser may have.

Disclaimer: The stability and security of Eraser Betas are not guaranteed and users are advised to use discretion when using Betas. If suspicious activity is discovered, users are advised to end the process if they feel it is safer to do so and report it to the Forum. If you require high security, use the stable versions instead.

Reporting bugs

Since beta code may still contain bugs (for that matter, any release may contain bugs), you are encouraged to report bugs you encounter on Trac. Log in using your Trac account (or Create one if you haven't got one) and submit a New Ticket. Set the version to the Eraser version you are using and wait for a response from any of the developers.