Change History for CompilingEraser

Version Date Author Comment
23 6 years Joel Fixed link to csgettext.
22 6 years Joel Added new dependencies: csgettext (not strictly necessary) InsertIcons?
21 6 years Joel Some VS2010 changes
20 6 years Joel Use the fusion project file to build the 7zLib.lib which is LzmaLib?.lib …
19 6 years Joel Directory paths require the trailing slash (for VS2010)
18 6 years Joel Oops, wrong variable.
17 6 years Joel Fixed library output path to match with the instructions
16 6 years Joel
15 6 years Joel
14 6 years Joel
13 8 years Joel
12 8 years Joel The new builds require manual merging of the Run as Administrator manifest …
11 8 years Joel Boost is required for building Eraser now (due to lexical_cast)
10 8 years Joel Import all code signing certificates before building the installer.
9 8 years Joel WiX was downgraded to 3.0 for code stabilty.
8 9 years Joel We're now using WiX 3.5 since r1135
7 9 years Joel Express users cannot compile the Shell Extension
6 9 years Joel Merge modules have been added to the MSI because the Shell is written …
5 9 years Joel Forgot to include the step to create the installer archive.
4 9 years Joel Strong Name signing procedure change: enforce the fact that the projects …
3 10 years Joel More bold filenames and move the WiX section to the installer dependencies
2 10 years Joel Bold the file names
1 10 years Joel First draft of the installation instructions