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This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set …
23:45 Ticket #408 (Custom Erasure Method Editor not available) closed by trac-robot
23:19 Ticket #411 (Allow users to delete BlackBox reports from the UI) created by Joel
23:10 Changeset [2417] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/trac.css

Fix a little spillover when we have a full navigation bar (e.g. for admins)

14:07 Build of Eraser 6.2 [2416] on Windows completed
13:59 Changeset [2416] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Installer/DirectoryStructure.wxs

Oops, forgot to check the name of the new VS2010 merge modules.

13:56 Build of Eraser 6.2 [2415] on Windows failed
Step build failed
13:23 Changeset [2415] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcxproj

Fix the TargetName? property to be what we want the .exe to be named to fix a MSBuild warning.

13:21 Changeset [2414] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser
  • trunk/eraser/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.cpp
  • trunk/eraser/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcproj
  • trunk/eraser/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcxproj
  • trunk/eraser/Installer/Bootstrapper/stdafx.h

Forward-port from Eraser 6.0: Changes made to the Bootstrapper to use the latest LZMA SDK API.

12:51 Changeset [2413] by lowjoel
  • trunk/eraser/Installer/DirectoryStructure.wxs

We should link with the VC2010 merge modules for the C++ Runtime, since we are compiling using VS2010 for 6.2

12:29 Build of Eraser 6.2 [2341] on Windows failed
Step build failed
09:52 Build of Eraser 6 [2401] on Windows completed
07:13 DebuggingNightlyBuilds edited by Joel
New URL for symbols (diff)
07:06 Changeset [2412] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildUtil.php

Implemented alternative implementation for sftp's delete command.

05:59 Changeset [2411] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/Templates/Eraser.dwt
  • trunk/website/announcements/20081201.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20081213.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090103.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090108.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090418.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090610.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090611.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20090706.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20091215.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20100414.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20101106.html
  • trunk/website/announcements/20111106.html
  • trunk/website/contributing.html
  • trunk/website/download.php
  • trunk/website/index.php
  • trunk/website/reviews.html

Use the new links for the forum and Trac in the website. Also, update the copyright year.

05:55 Changeset [2410] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/blackbox
  • trunk/website/scripts/blackbox/dumps
  • trunk/website/scripts/blackbox/dumps/.htaccess

Add the dumps folder to version control since we need to make sure the .htaccess within it is retained when uploading.

05:53 Changeset [2409] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/index.php

Removed retired contributors.

05:33 Changeset [2408] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/.htaccess

No indexes, follow symlinks for this website. Also, redirect /updates to /scripts/updates (where both the v1 and v2 update code resides)

05:30 Changeset [2407] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/.htaccess
  • trunk/website/scripts/.user.ini
  • trunk/website/scripts/blackbox/.htaccess
  • trunk/website/scripts/updates/.htaccess
  • trunk/website/scripts/updates/.user.ini

Do not define the error logging parameters. We should set these settings at the Virtual Host level on the server, so that depending on where the script is executed, the error logging and reporting behaviour will be different.


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07:02 Ticket #410 (Check for Updates freezes) closed by Joel
fixed: This has already been fixed earlier in r2300.
01:12 Ticket #410 (Check for Updates freezes) created by Joel
Reported on build 2284.


07:20 Ticket #409 (Test Eraser with Screen Readers) created by Joel
Such as JAWS.


19:18 Ticket #408 (Custom Erasure Method Editor not available) created by alpha01
According the current help documentation (page 14), it should be possible …
19:03 Ticket #407 (Task List Erasure method reseted to default) created by alpha01
While creating a new task, the erasure method could be selected according …


18:07 Ticket #406 (Not able to acquire a Cryptographic Service Provider on startup) created by UveLokk
Eraser crashes if "System cryptography: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for …
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