07:54 Changeset [2405] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/.user.ini

Store the error log at the same path for all scripts.

04:51 Changeset [2404] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildPublish.php

Since we can read the output stream for data even when the Download call fails (due to a HTTP response code error), we should try that and output anything that arrives if we can so that errors are not so mysterious and causes can be traced.

04:50 Changeset [2403] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildUtil.php

When getting HTTP responses, do not fail immediately if we have a response code greater than or equal to 400. Detect it ourselves so that we can read the stream (which may contain information about the error)

04:47 Changeset [2402] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildBranch.php

New 6.0 branch builds should be prefixed with 6.0.10

03:11 Build of Eraser 6 [2400] on Windows failed
Step build failed
03:09 Changeset [2401] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.cpp
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcproj
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/stdafx.h

Updated to the LZMA SDK 9.22-beta API.

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Use the fusion project file to build the 7zLib.lib which is LzmaLib?.lib … (diff)
02:56 7zLib.zip attached to CompilingEraser by Joel
7zip/LZMA combined project file
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Directory paths require the trailing slash (for VS2010) (diff)
01:52 CompilingEraser edited by Joel
Oops, wrong variable. (diff)
01:50 CompilingEraser edited by Joel
Fixed library output path to match with the instructions (diff)
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01:27 Changeset [2400] by lowjoel
  • branches/eraser6/6.0/Installer/Bootstrapper/Bootstrapper.vcproj

The latest LZMA SDK's library name is LzmaLib?.lib.

01:08 Build of Eraser 6 [2351] on Windows failed
Step build failed


23:50 Ticket #400 (Error Hide) created by trevorw019
When ever the computer starts, Eraser starts automatically. That's fine, …


08:54 Changeset [2399] by lowjoel
  • tags/5.8.x Help
  • tags/5.8.x Help/AfxCore.rtf
  • tags/5.8.x Help/AppExit.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Bullet.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/ClusterTip.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/CourtAnwers.txt
  • tags/5.8.x Help/CurAbout.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/CurArw2.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/CurArw4.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/CurHelp.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/EditDel.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/EditPast.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/EditProp.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser and alternative data streams.txt
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Launcher-Recycled.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main-Explorer-DragDrop.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main-Explorer-ShellExt.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main-Explorer.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main-IconAnimation.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main-OnDemand.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main-Scheduler-Tray.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main-Scheduler.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Main.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Preferences-Eraser-CustomMethodEditor.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Preferences-Erasing-FilesFolders.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Preferences-Erasing-Unused.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Preferences-General-Scheduler.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Preferences-General.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Progress.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-Results.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-ShellExt-Confirmation.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-ShellExt-Menu.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-ShellExt-SecureMove.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-ShellExt-Unused-Menu.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-TaskProperties-Data.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-TaskProperties-Schedule.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser-TaskProperties-Statistics.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser.cnt
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser.h
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser.hpj
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Eraser.ph
  • tags/5.8.x Help/FileNew.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/History.txt
  • tags/5.8.x Help/HlpInfoBar.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/HlpSBar.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/HlpTBar.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/HlpTitleBar.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/ProcessRun.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/ProcessRunAll.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/ProcessStop.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/Delphi
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/Delphi/Eraser.dpr
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/Delphi/Eraser.drc
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/Delphi/eraserdll.pas
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/Delphi/form1.dfm
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/Delphi/form1.pas
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/VB
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/VB/Eraser.vbp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/VB/Eraser.vbw
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/VB/EraserDll.bas
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/VB/Form1.frm
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/VB/delux
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Samples/VB/delux/a
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Scmax.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/Scmin.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/clip0001.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/clip0002.bmp
  • tags/5.8.x Help/help.sln
  • tags/5.8.x Help/help.suo
  • tags/5.8.x Help/help.vcproj
  • tags/5.8.x Help/scclose.bmp

Archive the documentation for Eraser 5.

07:14 Changeset [2398] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildServer.php

Implemented digest authentication even when using PHP as a CGI. In addition, fixed my syntax returning Error 500

07:03 Changeset [2397] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/.htaccess

Allow access from anywhere since I really can't ascertain the source IP of the build server. In any case, we may be changing them, so let's keep it open. The slaves have to authenticate based on their ID and passwords, anyway.

05:19 Changeset [2396] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildPublish.php

Compile fix.

05:19 Changeset [2395] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildServer.php

Oops, missed out this define.

05:16 Changeset [2394] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildUtil.php

Specify that HTTP Authentication needs to be used so that cURL will send the necessary headers.

05:15 Changeset [2393] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/download.php

The Downloads page will now require the BuildBranch? script included as well.

05:01 Changeset [2392] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/.htaccess

Allow only the Build Server script to be accessed by trac.heidi.ie, no one else.

05:01 Changeset [2391] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildServer.php

Added database support for build slave information.

04:26 Changeset [2390] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildPublish.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildUtil.php

Implemented a HTTP request function to inform the server that a new build is available, since the build server is now different from the web server.

04:10 Changeset [2389] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildPublish.php

Remove the dependency on the Database since we can make do with static information.

02:11 Changeset [2388] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/Build.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildBranch.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildServer.php

Split the BuildBranch? class out to a separate file since we will be using it as a static data source.

02:03 Changeset [2387] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildServer.php

When we encounter an error, return a HTTP Error 500. Otherwise, output the progress messages as plain text.

02:01 Changeset [2386] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildPublish.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildServer.php
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildUtil.php

Factor the utility functions used by the Build slaves to a separate BuildUtil? file which is referenced by both the build server and build client scripts.

01:50 Changeset [2385] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/BuildServer.php

Added the HTTP Digest Authentication bit for registering builds done by build slaves.

00:53 Changeset [2384] by lowjoel
  • trunk/website/scripts/Database.php

Move the database name for Eraser's website to the Credentials file since we may not have control over it.

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