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Milestone (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#489 Forum calls every post spam... Website defect new 6/10/2013
#550 Vitamax Garcinia Cambogia BlackBox enhancement new 1/30/2014
#490 Eraser crashes on erasing recycle bin Core defect new 6/19/2013
#491 Eraser sometimes crashes on closing. Core defect new 6/19/2013
#492 Eraser can't erase all files in recycle bin Core defect new 6/19/2013
#501 Erase setting not being honored Core 5.8.8 defect new 10/17/2013
#548 Automatic shredding that can not be circumvented by user Core enhancement new 1/24/2014
#440 Redesign Website database schema Website defect new 5/23/2012
#486 difficulty on release resolved BlackBox defect new 6/5/2013
#494 difficulty on release resolved BlackBox defect new 6/25/2013
#506 Sumbit Arabic loc patch BlackBox patch new 11/11/2013
#531 OS Version Others defect new 1/18/2014
#495 Improve name of GOST 50739 erasure method User Interface (UX) defect new 8/14/2013

Milestone Eraser 6.0.11 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#416 Verify Eraser's plugin loading behaviour when CRLs cannot be verified Core defect new 3/12/2012
#415 Fall back to large block erasing if space is freed on a volume being erased Core enhancement new 3/12/2012
#418 ObjectDisposedException when viewing the log as erase tasks execute User Interface (UX) defect Joel accepted 3/13/2012

Milestone Eraser 6.1/6.2 (59 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#221 "Dangling pointer" on erasing files with multiple hard links Core 5.8.7 enhancement new 7/15/2009
#433 Eraser crashes upon closing after an erasing job; no report created Core defect Garrett assigned 4/25/2012
#22 MFT and Directory Entries erasure Core enhancement new 4/11/2008
#23 Make ghost MFT-records more empty Core enhancement new 4/11/2008
#203 Compact & truncate MFT (NTFS) Core enhancement new 3/24/2009
#278 Implement the Executor as a Service Core task Joel accepted 12/15/2009
#509 Eraser failed to delete files with paths longer than 260 characters BlackBox defect new 11/30/2013
#448 Eraser Crash Assistant very slow compressing crash reports BlackBox defect Garrett reopened 7/13/2012
#366 Allow users to check whether their crashes have been fixed BlackBox enhancement new 5/11/2010
#425 Program a Web Interface for the BlackBox component BlackBox enhancement new 3/31/2012
#426 Include a list of drives on the computer when generating BlackBox reports BlackBox enhancement Garrett reopened 3/31/2012
#457 Eraser can't erase files from admin acct when Eraser started in same acct Core defect new 9/17/2012
#70 Cleaning up of privacy leaks Core enhancement Joel accepted 11/30/2008
#74 Pause erasures Core enhancement Joel accepted 11/30/2008
#83 Upgrade Remote Executor classes Core enhancement Joel accepted 12/6/2008
#210 Eraser not deleting very long filenames, round 3 Core enhancement Joel accepted 6/1/2009
#96 Eraser Boot ! Core enhancement Kaz assigned 12/23/2008
#58 Eraser Watched Folder Core enhancement new 11/12/2008
#75 User-based erasure control Core enhancement new 11/30/2008
#78 Erase whole drive Core enhancement new 11/30/2008
#304 Silently ignore selected cluster tip erase failures Core enhancement new 1/11/2010
#323 Erasing improvements Core enhancement new 2/8/2010
#370 Break up MFT erase folders to folders of fixed lengths. Core enhancement new 6/12/2010
#391 User-defined prefix for file name obscuration Core enhancement new 3/20/2011
#417 Logging improvements Core enhancement new 3/13/2012
#419 Allow users to erase all users' recycle bins if they have the needed rights Core enhancement new 3/15/2012
#422 Properly detect SSDs and warn when erasing them Core enhancement new 3/23/2012
#427 Task List and log saving behaviour improvement Core enhancement new 4/2/2012
#277 Eraser Unified File Manager Core task Joel accepted 12/15/2009
#260 Portable Eraser 6 Core task new 11/14/2009
#367 Perform Profiling of Eraser Others task new 5/11/2010
#423 Update About Dialog Others task new 3/31/2012
#299 Don't run the Eraser process in the background User Interface (UX) defect Joel accepted 1/8/2010
#409 Test Eraser with Screen Readers User Interface (UX) defect new 3/6/2012
#268 Display progress when erasing from Shell User Interface (UX) enhancement new 12/15/2009
#369 Eraser could not load the setting User Interface (UX) enhancement Garrett reopened 6/10/2010
#355 Implement feature-complete CLI User Interface (UX) task Joel accepted 4/22/2010
#318 Allow resolutions to be passed to BlackBox reporters BlackBox enhancement new 1/20/2010
#462 Continuous access to floppy disk drive Core defect Joel reopened 10/22/2012
#147 Ballast File Creation. Core enhancement Joel accepted 1/4/2009
#15 Simultaneous Erasing Core enhancement new 4/11/2008
#16 Recycle Bin Catch All Core enhancement new 4/11/2008
#393 Feature-complete exclude masks Core enhancement new 4/11/2011
#274 Use number of files found for entropy Core enhancement Garrett reopened 12/15/2009
#348 FileSystemWatcher as a source of entropy Core enhancement Garrett reopened 3/19/2010
#424 Reset File times with values from the last 3 months Core enhancement Garrett reopened 3/31/2012
#464 command line documentation clarification Documentation enhancement new 11/7/2012
#267 Let the bootstrapper decompression proceed in a secondary thread Installer/Updater enhancement new 12/15/2009
#239 Add shortcut to the "erasure progress window" in systray. User Interface (UX) enhancement Joel accepted 10/2/2009
#385 Use of tool tips in the task editing dialog User Interface (UX) enhancement Joel accepted 10/26/2010
#283 Keep highest privilege level of Eraser running User Interface (UX) enhancement new 12/19/2009
#291 Tray Menu List User Interface (UX) enhancement new 1/2/2010
#310 Customizable Shell Extension User Interface (UX) enhancement new 1/14/2010
#361 Update the shell with file status changes User Interface (UX) enhancement new 5/2/2010
#392 Option to schedule a recurring erase on startup User Interface (UX) enhancement new 3/22/2011
#465 show usage help in case of wrong argument User Interface (UX) patch new 11/7/2012
#226 Progressive corrupting of files as a wipe method Core enhancement new 7/29/2009
#261 About dialog improvements Core enhancement new 11/28/2009
#413 Create walkthrough for Eraser User Interface (UX) enhancement new 3/11/2012
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