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#418 ObjectDisposedException when viewing the log as erase tasks execute Joel defect major User Interface (UX)

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#445 Leaking in memory to 4GB defect critical Core
#454 Eraser dumps files to be deleted in Recycle Bin defect critical Others
#414 Define behaviour for deleting empty subdirectories Joel defect major Core
#443 Command Line Method GUID not used in adding task Joel defect major User Interface (UX)
#449 Correctly tag each official erazor version in svn tags Joel defect major Others
#455 Error when installing Eraser 6.0.10 on Windows 7 Professional x64 Garrett defect major Installer/Updater
#463 Eraser Software Localizaton/Translation request in Myanmar (Burmese) Joel defect major Internationalisation/Localisation
#468 Set automatic update check Joel enhancement major Installer/Updater
#469 Recycle bin erasure Garrett defect major User Interface (UX)
#441 installation of 6.0.10 on 6.0.7 rejected because "6.0.7 is newer" Joel defect minor Installer/Updater
#458 Artifacts are not unlinked after wipe Joel defect minor Core
#467 When using check for updates, existing version is shown is available for download. Joel defect minor Installer/Updater
#476 Unchecking items during Custom Install grays out Browse to select location Joel defect minor Installer/Updater
#477 Eraser - Unable to check for updates Garrett defect minor Installer/Updater
#444 Recurring Time Display Formatting Error defect trivial User Interface (UX)

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#415 Fall back to large block erasing if space is freed on a volume being erased enhancement major Core
#416 Verify Eraser's plugin loading behaviour when CRLs cannot be verified defect major Core
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